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At GoVertical, we believe that no content should be restricted by aspect ratio. We help our customers unlock the value of their videos on new, high engagement platforms.

All Your Content, Vertical.

We can work with any kind of content, including but not limited to music videos, ads, fitness videos, etc. Don't waste money on expensive re-shoots.

Driven by Computer Vision and Machine Learning

We save our customers money by letting the machines do the work. Our algorithms are getting better with each video we process.

The Best at Edge Cases

Each video is unique, meaning no conversion will ever be the same. Our technology is the best out there for edge cases and difficult crops.


Average time spent on mobile devices per day


Mobile devices are held in vertical orientation 94% of the time


of a vertical screen is wasted when viewing a horizontal video


Vertical videos have a 90% higher completion rate than horizontal ones


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